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Why Showing Value and Appreciation is Important

Having people in your life is important. Relationships are important. Whether it is a friendship, a love relationship, a relationship with your children or a relationship with a coworker it is important to let people know that you value and appreciate them. People thrive when they feel valued and appreciated. In fact, value and appreciation can actually provide someone with a sense of purpose. Do you let those in your life know that you value and appreciate them? If not you should!

When you let people know that you appreciate them it helps to provide that person with value. If each person in a relationship is being showered with appreciation and feeling valued the relationship will thrive and be rewarding.

The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman wrote a book called “The 5 Love Languages.” In his book he discusses ways for people to show and receive love and appreciation. Once you know you partner’s, child’s, friends’, or colleague’s love language you can make sure that they “hear” and receive the appreciation that you are giving them.

First is Acts of Service. This is doing things for other people. If you feel loved when people do this for you, this is your thing.

Second is Words of Affirmation. This is telling people positive and affirming statements. If you feel loved when people give you compliments, this is your thing.

Third is Gifts. This is giving things to people. If you feel loved when people give you gifts then this is your language.

Fourth is Physical Touch. This is human touch. It can be a pat on the shoulder or something more intimate. If you feel loved or appreciated when someone gives you physical touch this is your appreciation language.

Finally, Mr. Chapman talks about Quality Time. This is just like it sounds. This is spending time together, meaningful time.

Man Spending Quality Time with Children n Meadow

How to Show You Value and Appreciate the People in Your Life

There are quizzes you can take in Mr. Chapman’s book or you can find a quiz online. Another way to figure out what makes someone feel appreciated is to look at how they show appreciation. For example, if your friend tends to pay you compliments then it is likely that he or she feels loved, appreciated and ultimately valued if you tell them affirming things.

Sometimes you can be a mix of these love languages. I definitely am! I love to hear words of affirmation but also feel appreciated by a random thoughtful gift or someone fixing something for me that is broken. Really it is nice to know that someone is thinking about you. Valuing you.

It is easy to forget to reach out to our partner, children, friends and coworkers, but taking the few minutes out of your day can make someone feel really good! A little goes a long way!

I think that it is especially important to do this in today’s climate with the election just two weeks away and the isolation, depression and anxiety of Covid. There is a lot of anger and uncertainty these days. Providing someone with value can make their day!

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