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Valentine’s Day

History Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known for being a day of romance filled with flowers, chocolates and love letters. How we got to this is not so romantic. Way back, on February 14th in the 3rd century AD, the Emperor Claudius II executed 2 men, both with the name Valentine. The Catholic Church honored this with a liturgical feast of St. Valentine. As time went on people penned love letters to their loves. Eventually it evolved into a day full of Hallmark cards, romantic dates, chocolates, and flowers. Stemming from something not so wonderful Valentine’s Day has become a wonderful day of love and romance. What if you don’t have a love or a Valentine this year? Does that mean that the day has to be tragic or empty? Not at all!

Valentine’s Day can be many different things and love can be celebrated in many different ways. Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day of romance. Celebrate the love you have in your life, your tribe and village, and even yourself.

Enjoying Valentine’s Day when You’re Not in a Relationship

If you don’t have a special someone, you can take the time to celebrate the love you have for your friends, loved ones, and family. This is affectionately known as Palentine’s Day! Get together with your friends or family. Do something fun and out of the box! Reach out to your friends and family. You can text or send a card about how grateful you are to have them in your life. Reflect on your relationships with family and friends. Take time to honor the special times you have had with them! Don’t let Covid get in your way of celebrating and connecting with family and friends. You can have a driveway get together with social distancing and masks or schedule a virtual coffee or happy hour. However you do it, the important thing is to spend some time together.

Walking with Friends

Another very important step to enjoying Valentine’s Day is to take the day to love yourself. Pamper yourself by doing things that you love! Go on a hike, go to the beach, or get a massage. Treat yourself. Write yourself a love note recognizing all the things you love about yourself and your accomplishments. However you decide to celebrate you, make sure to recognize how fabulous you are! Be grateful for you. You are one of a kind! You do great things and Valentine’s Day is a great day to reflect on this.

Whether or not you have a Valentine is not a reflection on you or your self-worth. There are many different types of love out there. In fact, whether you are in a relationship or not, the most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship and love for yourself. The ability to love yourself allows you to love others and leads to healthier relationships in every aspect of your life. Take this time to romance yourself and honor all the relationships in your life that make you, you! You are unique and so are all the relationships in your life.

Make this day special because you and your relationships deserve to be celebrated. Redefine Valentine’s Day. Much like the Catholic Church redefined a tragic event in their history. The Catholic Church chose to change the meaning of the events in history to become a day of remembrance and honor for those they lost. They chose to celebrate their lives instead of mourning the loss. You have the right to make this day special. You can redefine the love in your life. Whether it is a love for the unique and wonderful person are or the special relationships you have developed. Either way, take a day to pause, and celebrate all the things that make you, you and create more love in your life!

From me to you, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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