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Marriage/Relationship Counseling

I have successfully worked with all types of couples for over 20 years. In marriage counseling (couples counseling) I will work with you and your partner to identify problems, traumas, or issues that are interfering with the wellbeing of your relationship.

Premarital Counseling

During my career as a psychologist I have developed a list of topics that I commonly see as issues in marriages and long term relationships. Together we will discuss each of these “hot topics” and explore the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. The goal of these meetings is to prepare you for marriage and a long happy life together.

Relationship Issues and Dynamics

Through the years I have successfully helped couples work through countless issues. There is no issue too big or too small. Within relationships dynamics form. I will help you to identify which dynamics and patterns are healthy and which ones need to be developed or changed.

Affair Recovery

Recovering from an affair is a very challenging time. Many couples attempt to navigate their recovery alone. Often this can do more damage. With over 20 years of experience with affair recovery I will work to help you discovery how the relationship broke down and help you to rebuild your relationship and trust so that you can be in a healthy and thriving relationship.

Sexless Marriage

Over the years couples tend to grow apart and ultimately their marriage begins to suffer. This is evident in a sexless marriage. Maybe there are physical limitations, maybe there is an emotional disconnect, maybe there has been betrayal. Whatever the reason, I can help you identify the issue(s) and ultimately help you to ignite the spark you once had or help you create something that was never there before.

Communication Skill Building

Frequently couples spend lots of energy trying to communicate but nothing is heard. Other times couples simple don’t discuss anything of any substance. I can help you learn to communicate your thoughts and needs so that you feel heard and valued in your relationship. A couple with good communication skills is likely to withstand the challenges in marriage.

Life Coaching

I have worked with couples and individuals over the years coaching them in specific areas in their lives. The Life Coaching will focus on those areas where you and I feel you need support, guidance or advice. The encouragement, counsel and guidance of Life Coaching can be helpful for a wide range of personal and professional issues. Frequently Life Coaching involves therapy.

Business Partnership Communication and Coaching

I can help you and your business.  I have had years of experience working with the people side of businesses.  As a Business Coach or Business Therapist I will help you to improve communication within your business.  I will help identify and work through the issues you are facing.  I will help you to make decisions and changes that will improve your business.

Divorce Adjustment

Divorce is extremely painful, stressful and challenging. In fact it is the #2 most stressful experience with #1 being the death of a loved one. I can help you through this dark time and help you to rebuild yourself and help you to set new life goals and achieve the happy healthy life you desire.


  • Infidelity
  • Relationship Distress
  • Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family Conflict

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Erika is available for Speaking Engagements at your place of business or for your conference or event. Please contact Dr. Erika (910) 833-4411 for further information.

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