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This has been a challenging year! Saying good bye to 2020 is something most people were ready to do back in April! We are finally able to move on to 2021. Moving on to 2021 means making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions that will help 2021 to be the best year ever!

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that goes back over 4,000 years ago. In fact it goes back to the ancient Babylonians. Not only did they make New Year’s resolutions but they would make promises to the Gods. Their promises would focus on repaying debts and returning others’ belongings. New Year’s resolutions are something many people still do to this day. On January 1st each year, people set out to make major life overhauls in order to revamp their lives or change themselves personally.


Common New Year’s Resolutions

Although many different New Year’s resolutions are made each year, the most common ones are: (1) Losing weight, (2) exercising more, (3) saving money, (4) learn a new skill, and (5) quit smoking. What was your New Year’s resolution last year? Was it one of these? Did you stick with it? If so, for how long? Is it still part of your life today?


Should We Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, if you didn’t stick with your New Year’s resolution last year you are not alone! In fact, research has shown that 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed by the second week of February. Most of these New Year’s resolutions are so drastically different than the life that we are currently living that we have just set ourselves up to fail.

After all, how can one go from over indulging on junk food to never eating carbs again? How can one go from being a couch potato to being a gym rat? These sort of New Year’s resolutions are not realistic, but yet we make them year after year, after year. So if you ask me, we should stop making New Year’s resolutions and resolve to do things differently!


What Should We Do?

What should we do instead of making a New Year’s resolution? I suggest that you pick a word or a concept that you focus on throughout the year. A word or concept that becomes a “lighthouse” that blinks throughout the year to remind you of what you are focusing on. Instead of making a drastic change to your life, this word or concept is something that guides you to be intentional in your day to day life. Rather than being rigid, this word or concept is there to focus on even when you get slightly off track. Having a word or concept to focus on is not black or white, all or nothing. Instead it is fluid and intentional.

Hiker Looking forward to Future


Saying Goodbye To 2020

So as we say goodbye to 2020 and hello 2021 let’s get intentional! Look back on 2020 and reflect on the positives from the year. What would you like to take into 2021? What would you like to leave behind?

After reflecting on these things look forward and come up with your word or concept that you will focus on as you enter and go through 2021. Make this a great year! Get intentional! (And it just so happens that “Intentional” is my word!)


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