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Time. We all want more time. Maybe you wanted things to slow down. Well here we are. We are facing a pandemic and everything is closed. Now all we have is time. How do you survive quarantine with your partner?

Structure and Routine

The most important thing is that we keep structure and routine in our days. Have a daily purpose or a daily goal. Maybe you are not used to spending as much time with your partner. Take time each morning to spend together. Then separate for the day in different parts of the house or outdoors. Spend time working, creating, achieving or learning. Get together in the evening and discuss what you have done with the day.

Stay Socially Connected

It is important to stay connected with your friends too. This will create diversity in your day. Talking with someone who has had different experiences in a different environment. Maybe this will be outdoors with proper social distancing. Maybe it will be a zoom call. Staying connected with others that live outside your house will keep you stimulated and help you to have more topics for conversation with your partner.

Physical Fitness

Take the time to start up or maintain your physical fitness. Exercise is so important. Exercise improves your mood. It will decrease your feelings of depression, anxiety, stress and irritation. Taking time each day to exercise will help you to deal with the challenges that you are facing in quarantine. Exercise will change the parts of your brain that help you deal with stress and anxiety. It will also help in relieving depression by increasing the brains sensitivity to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine. Exercise is also a wonderful distraction from the same old quarantine routine that you day in day out. Get outside and exercise. See new things and try new exercises! It will even help you to feel better about yourself!


With commitments and obligations at a minimum some people are turning to drugs and alcohol to pass their time. In fact, in an article published by the Associated Press on April 2, 2020 Alcohol sales increased 243%! Although there are some health benefits to having a drink, drinking too much is not healthy. Drugs and alcohol in excess can has negative effects on your mood and mental health. It may feel fun at the time but the next day you are likely to be more depressed, blue, anxious or impatient.

Learn Something New

Take this unexpected down time to connect with your partner. Is there something that you and your partner have wanted to do or try but didn’t have the time before? Pick something that you can do together and learn how to do it. YouTube is great for learning how too. Not only will you and your partner have time to connect but you will learn a new skill together too! It will give you more things to talk about.


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