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Meet Dr. Erika:

Who Is Dr. Erika:

My name is Dr. Erika Geisler, and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in couples counseling and marriage wellness. I have over 20 years of experience helping couples repair their relationships and thrive. I specialize in couples counseling and work almost exclusively with relationships and their dynamics.

Over the years marriage becomes its own being. Sadly, as life happens, we begin to neglect, betray and often ignore our marriage because it becomes just one more thing to do, to take care of, to be responsible for. I help couples recapture their lost spark, their intimacy (physical and emotional), their playfulness, and their friendship. I help couples to get to that deeper attachment level where they can heal wounds and rediscover the safety to reach out to their partner again.

Dr. Erika Geisler

Dr. Erika Geisler

Psychologist Psy.D.


I believe that it is my privilege to help couples make their marriage and relationship a priority again. Marriage is not a one-size-fits all relationship. My approach to therapy is eclectic. I use cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic methods to achieve positive relationship healing results. My focus is strength-based.

I will work with you to discover the unique strengths of your relationship and how the two of you function best together. I am a marriage friendly Clinical Psychologist. I want your relationship to succeed and you to thrive! (To read more about Dr. Erika’s specialties click here.)


How Dr. Erika got here:

I graduated with my Masters degree in 1998 and my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2000. I completed my predoctoral internship in Miami, Florida and completed my post doctoral internship in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in both North Carolina and Colorado. I was a partner with The Rocky Mountain Marriage and Family Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was featured in the Coloradoan Newspaper for successfully helping couples heal their relationships and recover from marital trauma. I own and offered Rebuilding Seminars in Colorado to help couples learn how to have stronger, happier, healthier relationships.

I worked with The Well Marriage Center in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have given interviews for WECT News and WWAY News. I gave a company-wide lecture to N2 Publishing about how to create and maintain healthy relationships. Currently, I am helping couples and individuals in my private practice which is located in Wilmington, North Carolina.


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Office Location

Dr. Erika’s office is conveniently located on Eastwood Road and is easily accessible from Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

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